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GDS2022: Spikey, succulent psychedelics; San Pedro and Peyote, the mescaline cacti


Dr Liam Engel Professor & Professor Adam Winstock While the media having been following the traditional psychedelic renaissance for the last few years, focusing

Micro-dosing – how do you do it, and what are your experiences?


Microdosing with psychedelics is no longer the shiny new thing it was when we first looked at it in 2016. It’s everywhere. Online guides,

GDS 2020: Are psychedelics your medicine?


Prof Adam R Winstock, Consultant Psychiatrist and Global Drug Survey CEO, Associate Prof Matt Johnson, John Hopkins University Dr Ben Sessa, Consultant Psychiatrist, University

GDS2019: The psychedelic revolution in psychiatry and why patient opinion matters so much


Professor Adam R Winstock and Associate Professor Matthew W. Johnson In the last 12 months a formulation of ketamine has received FDA approval for

GDS2019: Psychedelic micro-dosing: the good, the bad and the who knows what.


Professor Adam R Winstock What a decade it has been for psychedelics. From new studies shining a light on their therapeutic applications and imaging

GDS2019: Would you take a trip to help heal your mind? Psychedelics in psychiatry


Professor Adam R Winstock, Dr Rupert McShane, Dr Ben Sessa & Associate Professor Matt Johnson Between us we’ve been practicing psychiatry and psychology for