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Drug Education Videos

With Dr John Ramsey, GDS founder Adam Winstock has created a number of films delivering essential information on the most commonly used drugs in a variety of formats including:
Single drug specific movies, 3-6 minutes each, to be used as part of broader and more interactive education events
Single shoot 35 minute and 65- minute overview video that can be press and played without the need for a facilitator
The style is conversational / show and tell, with John and Adam handling real drugs in a laboratory setting as we they talk about various aspects of them, from purity, routes of use, to acute harms, sought after effects, harm reduction and main treatment options. The training videos can be provided complete with teaching plans, PDF information sheets and assessment tools.

The drugs we cover are:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine / crack
  • MDMA
  • Poppers
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Legal highs / synthetic cannabis
  • Crystal meth
  • LSD and other tab drugs
  • Magic mushrooms
  • Ketamine
  • Heroin
  • GHB

We also have a number of unique videos addressing a variety of topics including getting your dose right on methadone and buprenorphine; how to come off methadone and buprenorphine; drugs in jail; synthetic cannabinoids; NPS a decade on; alcohol withdrawal; ‘chemsex’.

The areas we cover for each drug include:

  • The appearance of various preparations
  • Prices
  • Typical doses and frequency of use
  • How it’s commonly used
  • Safer dosing
  • Broad description of the effect and its duration
  • What happens if you take too much?
  • When to worry about a mate and what to do
  • Treatment options

An example of the information we share is described below for cocaine

The appearance of various preparations – we show different preparation of cocaine powder in its street form, showing variation in colour and compactness and the appearance and preparation of a typical line, one gram and an ounce
Common adulterants and the inability to tell the quality of cocaine by appearance, numbing effect or taste is noted
UK prices are outlined with comment of how this may or may not relate to variation in purity
Typical doses and frequency of use – we mention that most UK users report less than 0.5gm use in a night and most use less than 10 times per year. More frequent use associated with the build upbuild-up tolerance, with patients I see reporting use of 2-3 grams over 3-4 days or more a week.
How its commonly used? – usually crushed and snorted but can be injected or smoked if crack
Safer dosing focuses on testing, dosing a new batch as with all drugs, and remember than that drugs like ketamine look the same.
Broad description of the effect and its duration? – snorted comes on after 5 minutes, peaks at 30 minutes with redoing every 1-2 hours most people, though heavier users re-dose more frequently, effects include confidence, euphoria, increase in sexual desire in some, energy and stamina and ability to drink loads more booze, often talk loads, loudly and become unaware of how perceived by others, often more sensitive to aggressive/hostile cues in the environment and can make some people more aggressive
What happens if you take too much? Anxious, sweaty, palpitations, chest pain, paranoid, twitchy…usually short lived – more common in heavier users, those who drink lots or mix with other stimulants. Can be serious, especially in older people who may have underlying heart problems.
When to worry about a mate and what to do?
People need to be made to feel safe and you need to put your own safety first.
Take them away from noise, people, and bright lights to somewhere quiet.
Reassure them, get some water if they are sweaty, take off heavy clothing if they look flushed or really hot. Don’t give them other drugs to try to and make the situation better.
If they are frightened or scaring you, or if they are seeing or hearing things, or complaining of chest pain, call an ambulance or seek help from local first aid facilities.

A composite show-reel of the information that we cover is available here

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