Posted: 16 November 2012

Global Drug Survey 2013

At the end of November 2011 Global Drug Survey in association with Mixmag and in partnership with the Guardian, ran the largest survey of current drug users ever conducted. With over 15,000 people taking part from across the globe, the results were reported around the world and led to important changes in the way we think about drugs and the people who use them. We got great information out to people and launched the drugs meter. We had loads of feedback as well about what you wanted us to cover this year. You wanted more on drugs and pleasure and more on sex.

This year we are going for the biggest survery ever and with a our new array of international media partners from the USA (NBC), Australia (Fairfax Media who do the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age among other publications) as well a Gay Times in the UK we think this year’s survey will be the best ever.

This year we are exploring a range of experiences about drugs including . . .

  • Drugs and pleasure
  • Drugs and sex
  • Prescription drug use
  • Drugs and the internet
  • New drug trends
  • International drug policy
  • Drugs and violence
  • What happened if you were found in possession of drugs

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