GDS2022: GDS top 20 papers in the last 8 years

Professor Adam R Winstock, Dr Emma Davies, Associate Professor Jason Ferris, Dr Larissa Maier & Dr Monica Barratt, GDS Core Research Team

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While GDS is first and foremost committed to promoting honest conversations about drug use and helping people use drugs more safely regardless of the legal status of the drug, not everyone realises we are a very productive independent research network. Over the last 8 years we have published nearly 70 papers with our work covered in a host of prestigious journals. In this blog the GDS Core Research Team want to pay their respects and thanks to all the academics who have worked with us (over 100) – and show off our top 20 papers. We have chosen these based not only the number of times they have been cited but also on the fact that sometimes they have been ground-breaking in their field – often being the first or biggest study into a topic.

And finally, we want to thank the Lancet for publishing an editorial on our GDS2018 report. Their titled piece sums up our belief that changing the conversation is an essential prerequisite to supporting positive behavioural change and crafting optimal drug legislation and public health policies.

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Global Drug Survey top 20 papers

  1. Synthetic cannabis: a comparison of patterns of use and effect profile with natural cannabis in a large global sample Adam R Winstock, Monica J Barratt
  2. Use of Silk Road, the online drug marketplace, in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States Monica J Barratt, Jason A Ferris, Adam R Winstock Addiction 109 (5), 774-783, 2014
  3. Examining the profile of high-potency cannabis and its association with severity of cannabis dependence TP Freeman, AR Winstock Psychological Medicine 45 (15), 3181-3189, 2015
  4. Safer scoring? Cryptomarkets, social supply and drug market violence. Monica J Barratt, Jason A Ferris, Adam R Winstock. International Journal of Drug Policy 35, 24-31, 2016 Cited
  5. The NBOMe hallucinogenic drug series: patterns of use, characteristics of users and self-reported effects in a large international sample. Will Lawn, Monica Barratt, Martin Williams, Abi Horne, Adam Winstock. Journal of Psychopharmacology 28 (8), 780-788, 2014
  6. User characteristics and effect profile of Butane Hash Oil: An extremely high-potency cannabis concentrate Gary CK Chan, Wayne Hall, Tom P Freeman, Jason Ferris, Adrian B Kelly, Adam Winstock Drug and Alcohol Dependence 178, 32-38, 2017
  7. Risk of emergency medical treatment following consumption of cannabis or synthetic cannabinoids in a large global sample Adam Winstock, Michael Lynskey, Rohan Borschmann, Jon Waldron Journal of Psychopharmacology 29 (6), 698-703, 2015
  8. No Smoke without tobacco: A global overview of cannabis and tobacco routes of administration and their association with intention to quit. Hindocha C, Freeman TP, Ferris JA, Lynskey MT, & Winstock AR. Frontiers in Psychiatry; 7: 104.
  9. Up: The rise of nitrous oxide abuse. An international survey of contemporary nitrous oxide use. Kaar, S.J., Ferris, J., Waldron, J., Devaney, M., Ramsey, J. and Winstock, A.R., 2016 Journal of Psychopharmacology, 30(4), pp.395-401.
  10. Polysubstance use and misuse or abuse of prescription opioid analgesics. A multi-level analyses of international data. Morely KI, Ferris JA, Winstock AR, Lynskey M Pain 158 (6), 1138-1144
  11. Pharmacological cognitive enhancement among non-ADHD individuals—A cross-sectional study in 15 countries Larissa J Maier, Jason A Ferris, Adam R Winstock. International Journal of Drug Policy 58, 104-112, 2018
  12. Self-reported prevalence of dependence of MDMA compared to cocaine, mephedrone and ketamine among a sample of recreational poly-drug users Hanna Uosukainen, Ulrich Tacke, Adam R Winstock International Journal of Drug Policy 26 (1), 78-83, 2015
  13. Nitrous oxide causes peripheral neuropathy in a dose dependent manner among recreational users Adam R Winstock, Jason A Ferris Journal of Psychopharmacology 34 (2), 229-236, 2020
  14. The prevalence and natural history of urinary symptoms among recreational ketamine users Adam R Winstock, Luke Mitcheson, David A Gillatt, Angela M Cottrell BJU international 110 (11), 1762-1766, 2012
  15. The impact of drug policy liberalisation on willingness to seek help for problem drug use: A comparison of 20 countries Isabella Benfer, Renee Zahnow, Monica J Barratt, Larissa Maier, Adam Winstock, Jason Ferris International Journal of Drug Policy 56, 162-175, 2018
  16. Clinical withdrawal symptom profile of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists and comparison of effects with high potency cannabis. Sam Craft, Jason A Ferris, Monica J Barratt, Larissa J Maier, Michael T Lynskey, Adam R Winstock, Tom P Freeman Psychopharmacology, 1-9, 2021
  17. Motivations for reducing alcohol consumption: An international survey exploring experiences that may lead to a change in drinking habits. Emma L Davies, Dominic Conroy, Adam R Winstock, Jason Ferris. Addictive Behaviours 75, 40-46, 2017
  18. Comparing transgender and cisgender experiences of being taken advantage of sexually while under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Dean Connolly, Alexandra Aldridge, Emma Davies, Larissa J Maier, Jason Ferris, Gail Gilchrist, Adam Winstock The Journal of Sex Research, 1-6, 2021
  19. Substance-linked sex in heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual men and women: an online, cross-sectional “global drug survey” report. Will Lawn, Alexandra Aldridge, Richard Xia, Adam R Winstock. The journal of sexual medicine 16 (5), 721-732, 2019
  20. Injecting drug use: gendered risk Renee Zahnow, Adam R Winstock, Larissa J Maier, Jay Levy, Jason Ferris. International Journal of Drug Policy 56, 81-91, 2018


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