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“Dr Adam Winstock developed and  delivered a 3 hour face to face training program for senior security and pit bosses in one of Australia’s biggest casinos from 2009-2016.

His ability to engage, educate and improve the knowledge, skills and capacity to recognise and respond to drug and alcohol use within the nighttime economy was excellent.

Every evaluation was outstanding – which is why he keeps coming back”

Ben Nurtis, Asset Protection Safety, Emergency and Training Coordinator, The Star casino Sydney NSW

“The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is among the premier surveillance systems in the world, providing up-to-date information on emergent drug trends. Because of the clandestine nature of drug use, illicit substance users are difficult to find, and often ignored in large, government data systems.

The GDS has successfully located and tracked data on a wide range of illicit users,

providing an unprecedented opportunity to learn much about one of the most marginalized, and at-risk populations across the globe. RTI International, the primary contractor for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health since 1989, was proud to partner with GDS on the National Opioid Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion-US study–a project in which the GDS was used to learn about patterns of prescription and illicit opioid use in the U.S. ”  

Dr. Scott Novak, RTI, USA

“In 2013 we held a Cannabis Conference as there had been a marked increase in problematic use among young people in our area and there was a need for capacity building for key community stakeholders and service providers. We commissioned Dr Winstock to deliver a one day conference aimed at general service providers and also a one day clinical training workshop which was specifically for drug service & youth specific service personnel.  200 people attended the conference & nearly 100 received the training.   When we conducted an evaluation, the feedback was outstanding.  Dr Winstock engages with his audience in a way that I haven’t seen before. Even in a room of 200 people we had full participation from the audience with him. On both days, Dr Winstock held the room in the palm of his hand.

Attendees couldn’t believe his level of knowledge and importantly the engaging way he imparted it.

For the first time in my experience at these events, attendees wanted to stay later than scheduled so they could listen to him!  The event was such a success that we commissioned Dr Winstock for 2 further similar events that included a conference & training. One for Mental Health & Substance use and more recently for Alcohol.  Dr Winstock has also delivered sessions to parents in the area about how to talk to children about drugs. The evaluation feedback from each event was unsurprisingly positive. Dr Winstock has a fantastic way of blending humour with information that means that anyone who attends his events will come out with a lot of knowledge and also have had a great day!  It may be fun but it’s also really comprehensive. We are now involved in a new project with Dr Winstock to deliver a region wide alcohol screening/brief intervention programme in our community.  Outstanding!”

Bríd Walsh, North Dublin Regional Task force, Ireland

“Dr Winstock’s acted a principal expert in a significant case involving drugs, government policy and regulation.

His grasp of the key issues combined with extensive clinical experience,  familiarity with the academic literature and access to the world’s biggest data set on drug use patterns and harms made him the perfect legal expert.

He’s a nice chap as well.”

Kevin de Haan QC


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