GDS 2017

GDS 2017

Dear partners and friends of GDS

GDS2017 launch blogs

Please find to the left a selection of launch pieces that you may wish to share, translate, edit, copy or otherwise use in your promotion of GDS2017 this year. They have been drafted by experts in the field and are designed to engage interested readers in taking part in the survey.

If you want any other type of copy or want to interview any of the GDS team, please let us know and we will happily oblige.

We launch first as usual in New Zealand and Australia on November 12th 2016 and run through to the end of the year. Experience suggests optimal coverage and engagement of the survey occurs through a well-planned launch piece and 2-3 follow up pieces every 2-3 weeks, links to the survey on associated copy that may run through the data collection period. Utilising secondary pick up through shared pieces on social media especially Facebook, twitter etc. and your own websites is obviously very useful.