Drug Pleasure Ratings

The Net Pleasure Index is the first ever attempt to define and rank drugs in terms of the overall balance of pleasures and harms

It was developed with the specific aim of exploring the balance of positives and negatives for users of different drugs. The relationship between frequency of use and typical dose used will allow us to define any relationship between patterns of use and overall pleasure (or pain).

If you want to guess how it turned out here are the drugs we asked about, in alphabetical order: alcohol, amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, GHB/GBL, ketamine, LSD, magic mushrooms, MDMA, mephedrone, and tobacco.

How The Net Pleasure Index Works

People are asked to score each drug they have used on 10 items exploring positive drug effects each scored out of 10 (NPI+ve) and then 10 items exploring negative drug effects each scored out of 10 (NPI-ve). The {NPI score} = {NPI+ve} – {NPI-Ve}

The Results