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GDS holds a huge database addressing typical patterns of use, purchase and methods of use of the most commonly used drugs in the world from over 20 different countries. We are also able to profile novel drug effects and offer expert opinion as to their potential psychoactivity and risks of harm. GDS founder Dr Adam Winstock has provided expert legal opinion to the courts since 1999. In combination with his extensive clinical expertise, GDS is able to offer expert legal opinion on a wide range of substance use related criminal and civil proceedings, from possession and drug cost estimations to drug induced behaviours and impacts on cognition, to parenting and drug related violence.

“Dr Winstock’s acted a principal expert in a significant case involving drugs, government policy and regulation. His grasp of the key issues combined with extensive clinical experience, familiarity with the academic literature and access to the world’s biggest data set on drug use patterns and harms made him the perfect legal expert. He’s a nice chap as well.”
— Kevin de Haan QC

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