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Bespoke surveys

GDS can create, build and design your survey. Our expert research team can help you produce academically rigorous and clinically relevant surveys that answer your questions. Offering secure, responsive formats supporting continuous data submission and real time monitoring, GDS can compete with the biggest research organisations in the world at a fraction of the price.  We offer a comprehensive service from initial consultation to determine your areas of interest, to draft survey build, piloting and translation to execution, data extraction, analysis and report writing. We are able to draw on the multidisciplinary expertise of our international network of researchers who have both the local knowledge and survey design expertise to ensure every question is incisive, targeted and valid.  GDS’s research network is able to manipulate big data and undertake complex analysis to deliver exceptional results delivered in the format of your choosing.

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GDS inclusion

We occasionally take requests from health and other research organisations to include questions in our annual survey which reaches over 100,000 people every year.

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Research participant recruitment

We hold a database of over 50,000 people who have agreed to participate in future GDS projects. If your organisation’s research objectives are consistent with that of GDS we may be able to help recruit participants for your study. If you need to recruit ten thousand cannabis users, two thousand people with ADHD, a thousand people in receipt of benzodiazepine prescriptions, 500 women who have used ketamine in the last year or 2,500 problem drinkers who are currently in receipt of antidepressants, then GDS may be able to help. Please note we never share our e-mail lists with third parties. We only support ethics ethics-approved research. We do not work with the alcohol or tobacco industries. All research contacts are carried out by GDS staff.

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