Can psychedelics make you smarter and more creative.

Dr Adam R Winstock
Founder Global Drug survey and Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Robin Carhart-Harris
Head of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London

Psychedelics truly are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance after being flatly ignored and outright banned from human scientific research for many decades. In the last decade or so there been a huge increase in both an understanding of how these fascinating drugs work but also an exploration of their potential to treat mental Illness. One area that is receiving some interest but little formal scientific research is the practice of using very small doses (we’re talking about doses of perhaps 10 to 15 µg of LSD) of psychedelics to improve mood and work performance. At first it may not be immediately obvious how a drug that can make you see fractal spirals in your lunch box could possibly improve your work performance. To help us understand more about the practice of ‘micro-dosing’ GDS has collaborated with the Imperial College London psychedelic research group to undertake one of the biggest studies of micro-dosing ever conducted. We’ll being asking exactly how common the practice of taking very small doses of LSD or magic mushrooms is and exactly how people might even go about micro-dosing and whether it worked or not. We will also be asking the question of whether you’ve ever treated physical or psychiatric conditions with psychedelics. So if you’d like to help us understand a little bit more about how psychedelics are being used and exactly what benefits they may offer to people, please take a few minutes this year to take part in the world’s biggest survey at