Posted: 28 March 2013

Avoiding the emergency department if you use mephedrone

Fact 1    Over 80% of A+E presentations involving mephedrone also involve alcohol

Tip 1    Keep your alcohol drinking down (5 units) and stay well hydrated with water or juice

Fact 2    The more mephedrone you use and the longer your session is the more likely you are to experience problems

Tip 2    Keep your doses down (best under 1/2 gram a session) and keep your session short

Fact 3    Injecting mephedrone is by far the most risky way of using.

Tip 3    Avoid injecting but if you do always use a clean works and dispose of it in a sharps box

Fact 4    If you feel depressed before you start using mephedrone your comedown will be really bad

Tip 4    Avoid using when you feel down, depressed or anxious or if you are on any medication for your mood, heart or brain.

Fact 5    Most A+E presentations involving mephedrone also involve other drugs especially ketamine, cocaine and E

Tip 5    Avoid using other stimulant (cocaine, E, amphetamine) drugs with mephedrone

Fact 6    Most people who have a bad time with mephedrone can feel things starting to go wrong but carry on taking more instead of stopping

Tip 6    If you start to feel agitated, angry, frightened, really paranoid, hot, or confused, or start to feel your race away or get chest pain or hear or see things then stop using immediately. The sooner you stop the sooner you’ll feel back to normal. If you don’t feel better after a little while get help.

Fact 7    Most people who have used mephedrone who turn up to A+E have mates that probably could have got them to slow down or stop before it got really bad.

Tip 7    Don’t be afraid to say something and look out for your mates