Posted: 15 March 2012

Read all about it! Global Drug Survey is front page news

The first Global Drug Survey hit the Guardian front page this morning and is set to lead two days of drug coverage – from ‘hidden’ drug users to synthetic cannabis to prescription drugs and our very own drugs meter app. dominating the society most read and Guardian Zietgeist, we had over 300 comments by 10am! Check out the animation, video, data and editorial here.

Mixmag has launched their coverage of the Global Drug Survey data today with a massive 10 pages of coverage on all things drugs! Mixmag have been at the forefront of making drugs a media issue for the last decade and Global Drug Survey is proud to be working with them. Check out their beautiful coverage here.

Global Drug Survey will be releasing our own exclusive coverage later today – want to see what drugs are the most popular? Watch this space!

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