Posted: 28 March 2013

First time with a new powder or pill

So it’s your first time trying a new pill or powder and seen as though you never know exactly what’s in it, drugsmeter thought a few tips might be of use. We can’t guarantee they’ll keep you safe, but they may help.


-If possible, do your research – recognize its limitations.
-Test drive it before putting your foot down.
-Choose your time – don’t be coming down or experiment on the back of a bender.
-Don’t have anything else on board/including prescribed medications.

-Don’t be on your own.
-Make sure others know what you have taken and that at least one of them is not intoxicated.
-If you feel unwell let someone know and seek help.
-Be in a safe place – somewhere familiar is best.
-Your first dose should be at least a quarter of what you think a tiny dose is (or a maximum quarter of a pill).

-The biggest risk is starting off taking lots of an unknown drug before you know how long it takes to come up, peak and starting coming down – so easy does it.
-Wait for at least 90-120 minutes before re-dosing.
-Avoid taking other drugs/alcohol after dosing.
-Don’t drive/bath/play with knives.
-Accept that many drugs won’t be very good/effective or nice.
-Plan ahead before you’re too off your head.


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