Who we are

Senior Academic Mentor Group (SAMG)

Role: To ensure that GDS is always making the most of the opportunities that running the world’s biggest drug survey provides. GDS seeks to seed and invest in the brightest epidemiologists and scientists in the drugs field by providing them with access to datasets and expertise to expand their opportunities and practical. Specifically, the role of the SAMG is to ensure:

  • to ensure GDS remains ethical in our work
  • to inform future areas of enquiry
  • to ensure GDS avoids inappropriate sources of funding (eg alcohol and tobacco companies)
  • to ensure GDS is always transparent over any conflicts of interest
  • to inform academic output and identify new collaborating groups
  • to support GDS in producing quality output in the areas of public health and policy
  • to promote the values and work of GDS where appropriate
  • to contribute to the writing of papers and grants

Prof Wayne Hall
Prof Robert West
Prof Michael Lynskey
Prof David Nutt