Who we are

Supporting young researchers

GDS prides itself in working with young researchers who approach us requesting to use our data for undergraduate or post graduate thesis, or to obtain experience in the writing of academic publications. In the last 5 years GDS have supported young researchers in obtaining post graduate fellowships, PhD fellowships, first academic publications and undergraduate theses. For further information, see the sections on academic publications, internships and data sharing, or email the Director of GDS Dr Adam Winstock at


We are always happy to hear from smart, interested and motivated people from around the world who want the chance to work on the world’s biggest drug survey. Whether your interest is science, health, policy, design, or just drugs, please send us your CV and tell us what you’d like to do. If we think there is a fit between your interests and ours we’ll do our best to help you. For further information, e-mail the Director of GDS, Dr Adam Winstock at