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Dangerous, Manageable or Hardcore?- by Monica Barratt

 The unfortunate death of a 20-year-old Sydeny woman in 2007 provided a catalyst for an analysis of how online drug-using communities defined PMA and ecstasy. PMA or para-methoxyamphetamine is

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Looking Out for your Mates – Top 10 Tips when communicating drug or alcohol worries

Recent media speculation around ecstasy deaths in the UK have caused unease amongst its users. Here at GDs we have created tips on how to look

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Tell us about your drug use-legal and otherwise

Prescription drug use is rife, perhaps even at epidemic levels. That’s why we really need a clearer picture of who is using what and

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On course to being the biggest drug survey ever !

Global Drug Survey has launched the annual Mixmag Drug Survey in partnership with The Guardian, which is anticipated to be the worlds biggest, most

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Welcome to the K-hole

Ketamine isn’t just for animals — it has been given to humans for over 40 years.It has a very good safety record when used

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