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Pow ! to Meow Meow ?

Mephedrone or ‘Meow Meow’ as the media labelled it, was banned in Britain in April 2010- lets look at the effects this had on

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Anything is possible on the Silk Road- by Monica Barratt

Much of the research and discussion about drugs and the internet has focused upon either buying drugs online or seeking drug-related information online. News

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Recovery Foods- by Susan Kath

Whether your prepping for a nuts night out or in recovery mode from a session the night before, here are some tips by Susan

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MDMA Quality – Up or Down ?

Last years Mixmag’s result’s indicated that the perceived quality of MDMA has gone down. According to the infographic below the quality of pills and

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The current state of MDMA- Assisted Psychotherapy- by Stephen Bright

Before 3,4 -methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) became popular as a recreational drug known as Ecstasy, it was used effectively in psychotherapy to enhance relationships and buffer

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Ecstasy/PMMA Warning- Crew 2000

In July of this year our good friends at CREW 2000 warned about strong batches of Ecstasy and Ecstasy containing PMMA. We at Global Drug

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