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Avoiding the emergency department if you use mephedrone

Fact 1    Over 80% of A+E presentations involving mephedrone also involve alcohol Tip 1    Keep your alcohol drinking down (5 units) and stay well

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Global Drug Survey 2013

At the end of November 2011 Global Drug Survey in association with Mixmag and in partnership with the Guardian, ran the largest survey of

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McDeadly Ecstasy pills on the scene

Deadly ecstasy pills sporting the Golden Arches MacDonald’s logo have been seized in Scotland, all containing para-methoxy-amphetamine (PMA) – a strong psychedelic and killer

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Spliff Styles- How do you roll? by Will Coldwell

If there’s one thing about smoking cannabis that is guaranteed not come with unwanted side effects, then it has to be rolling. Satisfying, engaging

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Presenting our new Cannabis App

Welcome to #CannabisWeek! Today we are launching our unique and exclusive ‘cannabis app’ for all smart phones and with cannabis being the most common

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Are Students Really Britain’s Biggest Binge Drinkers?

Global Drug Survey conducted the largest ever drug survey with over 15,000 people taking part. From Angola to Australia and Sweden to South Africa,

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