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Deluded drinkers and the failure of guidelines

Behavioural economics, social norms, excessive drinking and why everyone wants to be a ‘face in the crowd’.

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Safer use is more fun

Can safer drug use being more enjoyable drug use? The Global Drug Survey Highway Code and almost 80,000 people say ‘yes’.

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Could users be trusted not to lose control if laws changed?

Many people break the law, but smart laws can encourage people to make decisions that are good for them.

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What to expect from #GDS2014

Wondering what is on the agenda for this years survey ? Here is a sneak peek at some of the topics we will be

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Looking out for your mates

If you are worried about your mates drug or alcohol use- say something! Here are some tips on how to start the conversation: Plan

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First time with a new powder or pill

So it’s your first time trying a new pill or powder and seen as though you never know exactly what’s in it, drugsmeter thought

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